About Leona

I have always loved clothes, make-up and putting colours together.  I may even have been aware as a child of the correlation between how we dress and how we feel (although obviously not in those terms!)  I have a vivid memory of going to school in my favourite outfit aged five.  Dressed in a navy blue corduroy pinafore dress, pink turtle neck jumper, matching wool tights and navy patent shoes, I remember thinking I looked the business and that it made me feel good.

I firmly believe that everyone can, and indeed deserves to look and feel good about themselves.

I am a self-confessed shopaholic and magazine junkie (all in the name of research you understand).  I love to shop, and get excited about colours and textures and accessories.   But I am no fashionista.  I have never believed in being a slave to fashion.  I have simply always wanted to be confident in my own style and wear what makes me look good and feel like the real me.

It was my own experience of a colour and style consultation a few years ago that inspired me to train as a personal stylist.  I was recovering from illness at the time and was amazed by the difference the colour analysis made. Simply wearing clothes and make-up colours that suited my natural colouring made my complexion light up, my eyes sparkle and my hair shine. It was a much-needed boost to my self-esteem. The style consultation helped me to understand how to highlight my best bits and disguise the rest!  It was literally life-changing.  It not only helped me focus on getting better, it gave me the confidence to start my own business. I trained with leading image consultants, Colour Me Beautiful, and now I can help you.   Let me taking the guessing out of dressing and empower you to look and feel like the best version of you every day, whoever you are, whatever your budget. Who knows what it could inspire you to achieve…?


“I own a lot of clothes.  Nice clothes too. But I hardly ever wear any of them.  Madness. Leona’s friendly and upbeat approach helped me understand quickly and easily which colours and shapes suit me and what makes me look healthier and more alive and then how to pair the clothes I already had to make interesting and wearable combinations. She also helped me identify what was missing from my wardrobe. She gave my make-up routine a revamp too.  Money very well spent.”

– Caroline, SW London

“I went to see Leona to refresh my tired image and to treat myself. She welcomed me into her beautiful, relaxing studio and listened to my thoughts and responded with much care and attention to detail. I feel privileged to have experienced this service from someone who is so obviously talented and loves what she creates. She spent time matching my colours to my skin tone and applied some make-up, always checking along the way that I was happy.  She was very willing to adapt to my wishes and is a great listener. The results are stunning, and I left with a way forward with colour ideas and wonderful make-up that I now apply every day. She gently guided me through the whole process. Thank you.”

–  Sandra, East Sheen

“I have found the experience of having my colours done with you so useful, thank you so much.  It has allowed me to enjoy shopping again and means I can be much savvier and pick items which are my colour, saving me time and money.”

–  Emma, Clapham

“I so enjoyed my consultation with Leona.  I knew before I arrived my monochrome approach to dressing wasn’t very adventurous, but found out in our session it can also be slightly ageing for my colouring.  Not only did Leona show me a gentler palette, but also demonstrated that my colouring benefits from avoiding too much contrast; how to combine colours was really interesting.  I will now shop armed with my lovely swatch wallet – getting ready for a colour adventure…”

– Helen, Mortlake

“Many thanks for our Colour Me Beautiful sessions with you yesterday.  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned so much from you.  We’re looking forward to putting it all into action.”

– Annabel and Julie, East Sheen

“Thank you so much for having us and for hosting the colour workshop.  We all had a great day and found the workshop fascinating! We have already been looking for clothes (online) in our colours and look forward to putting everything we have learned into practice! The makeup session was also brilliant and so nice to have some advice on different colours to use.”

-Sam, Worcester Park