Wardrobe Edit

Every item taking up space in your wardrobe needs to earn its keep. It is in fact possible to create more outfits with fewer clothes when you know how! I can help you make the most of the clothes you have, show you which may need to be altered and which are no longer right for you. I can then show you what you need to fill the gaps to create a capsule wardrobe, so you always have something to wear that suits your colouring and flatters your figure, whatever the occasion.

To get the most out of this service, it is advisable to have a full image consultation first.

Duration: approximately 3 hours (depending on how many clothes you have!)

Price:  £50 per hour

Includes: an itemised list of what to buy

Personal Shopping

This service is a perfect follow-up to a colour and style consultation if you find shopping a demoralising experience, never seem to find what you want or have a wardrobe full of clothes you have never worn.  Or perhaps you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion or holiday.  I can help save you time, money and energy, and find what you are looking for.

I charge by the hour for shopping time (not for tea breaks!)  and the pre-trip research is included in the price too.  I tend to go to the West End or Westfields although it does depend on what you are looking for.  I do advise avoiding weekends and sale periods (too busy at the weekend and not enough styles and sizes left in the sales).

Price: £50 per hour

Durtation: Minimum 2 hours